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in that branch of the lake

by Haze

Mirage 07:17
Mirage (lyrics P McMahon music C & P McMahon 1979) All alone beyond the hills Beneath a cloudless sky All the things I thought had gone Are right before my eyes Sun beats down relentlessly My eyes are filled with sand How can this be happening How can I understand The nameless evil has been stirred The mutant march can now be heard Black the tide advancing on Death lies in it's wake Icy whirlpool draws me down Pray for my soul's sake My brain is screaming without sound I feel I'm slowly going down Beneath dark waters now I drown I see so clearly now I am no longer alone If you could see somehow If the truth could be known You will come here someday But you have nothing to fear You feel alone but come what may Those that we love are so near
Portrait 03:57
Portrait (P McMahon) with the passing of an age a swift repainting of the world now to new gods people pray new banners are unfurled to keep the peace with god & man we have to compromise between our conscience and our will self righteousness or lies - surprise stories change & pictures fade leaving legends strewn behind orphaned children of the past living thoughts of long dead minds one day today will be fading dust upon the shelf all of us that can survive is in our lives our loves our selves - not wealth so what can you be, if not yourself, and you will see it's not what you have, but what you are, it's clear to me the substance iwll fade, only emotion will survive so have faith in life, and you will find the time it's something in the eyes, that lies deep, behind the smile that says you could find, the other side, of your life so don't hide behind, a fading memory of your life come into the light, and you will find the time time bestrides the narrow world like a colossus and we run about between its legs to find ourselves unfulfilled graves - not saved
Ophelia 07:41
Ophelia (lyrics P Chisnell music P Chisnell, C & P McMahon 1985) At the waters edge I stand A figure in blue etched in the sand I look for your face To subdue my craving mind All I see is myself My feelings for you you never knew Try as I might I was bound to lose I need you touch to satisfy the ache inside All I feel is your loss Oh Ophelia were you brave Or did your love denied Become more than life itself Time & tide rise over my head My silent searching now at an end I see your face Death worth the dying You are forever mine
Survive 06:08
Survive (Chris & Paul McMahon) Hello how are you it's nice ot see you, nice to talk again It's been a while since we last met, it's good to see an old friend I'm coming home just for a while, though I might not stay The road it seems to follow me, I rest when it says I may It's not easy holding on you wake to find your dream has gone And left alone with nothing left to say Waiting for the break of day so I can travel on, and on Times have long since gone the feeling starts to fade A dusty mirror cracked forgotten cold lost dark in the shade As they creep through my window I stare into the rain A darkened stream of wasted thoughts Distant silver laughter mocks the pain Cardboard people drift on by acting roles so false I have to laugh So I came back again but it's not the same Is there something you're trying to hide, or just that we've nothing left to say Well I know it's not something that we could change You know sometimes I'd like to try Remember when I took your hand though you walked alone Into the fading light to the sunset our refuge our home The light it just slips away the night the coldest stone Standing waiting for a sign though I know that it's gone My thoughts disjointed fragmented to a string of cliched line Like the words to this song I've tried to write so many times And as the echoes fade crashing through a darkened sky (And the nightmares came true) The waves engulf my soul as it screams oh please why? I see now that the ghost of my mind has betrayed only you The bright light blinds my mind somehow I cannot see so clearly now But through the dark I fear that I'll survive
Dragon Fly 05:43
Dragonfly (P McMahon) We will dance across the fields the reaper and the grinding wheel The blood that falls onto the fields will bind us As water falls onto the seed across the silent soil we bleed We will be together when they find us We will dance across the sea let the breakers set us free The power of the untamed sea will grind us You can be the air I crave I will be your tidal wave We will be together when they find us We will dance across the sand the prophet and the burning man The light reflecting from the sand will blind us The blazing sun will burn our skin and bring to life the flame within We will be together when they find us We will dance across the sky the eagle and the dragon fly blaze a trail across the sky behind us You will be my healing flame I will be your final frame We will be together when they find us We dance across the universe a silent scream an ageless curse we will leave this barren earth behind us The poetry and timeless grace the beauty of your bloodless face We will be together when they find us
Fallen Leaves (by Paul Chisnell, Paul McMahon, Chris McMahon & Rob Heeley) Leaves long since fallen have been blown into the roadside Their veins bleached a blatant silver against the reds and golds of autumn By winter's frosty hand Fallen Leaves The warm room beckons shuttered windows blazing fires Forlorn we shelter against the late of glowring gales Laughing in glee as it hesitates and destroys the delicate web Woven by the summers evening in my head Fallen Leaves A glass of cider sitting on the warm earth Dust of countless feet treading on towards the autumn Where the leaves have long since fallen Fallen Leaves
Over The River (P McMahon 2002) The breath of life laid bare The faintest flicker burning Worn beyond repair By the years of love and learning Over the river you go before me Strong in faith spirit clear Full of purpose free of fear This I tell you A life that numbered days A gift so precious but so fleeting I never saw your face A heart too frail to keep on beating Over the river way beyond me For all the things you'll never see All you'll never grow to be This I tell you Every day I know you walk beside me Now and then I hear your voice inside me I know there will always be a part of you alive in me And I will keep it there forever And now it comes to me As I am growing older To set my spirit free Lift this burden from my shoulder Over the river no returning For all the things I've left undone Battles lost and battles won This I tell you Every day I will walk beside you If you need me I'll be there to guide you I hope there will always be a space inside your heart for me And I will be with you forever
The Barrister And The Bargast (P McMahon) 2006 Across Paradise Square in his suit & bow tie The Barrister strode with a gleam in his eye His morals were low, but his fees were sky high For he knew how to cheat & he knew how to lie He worked late in the evening so he could charge more For his time and his knowledge of old English law The shadows lay deep as he walked from his door Through the old cobbled square from a time long before The Bargast awoke in the depths of his lair Hidden from mortal eyes under the square A huge ghostly dog with red eyes and black hair He lifted his nose and he scented the air What manner of man can give off such a smell? The stench of corruption and Old Spice as well It was worse than the stench in the bowels of Hell A smell which the Bargast knew only too well The Bargast came forth and the man stopped dead He looked as the size of the beast and he said "You better be licensed or woe betide you, I'll have you put down and your master I'll sue" The Bargast looked back with his red eyes aglow He said "My master is no one you'd know, I round up the guilty and I take them below, Now it's your turn to feel my teeth in your soul" The Barrister turned and he fled with some vigour But expense account luncheons had fattened his figure So the Bargast soon had the man pinned to the deck And he opened his jaws to rip out his neck The Barrister pleased and begged for his life He spoke of his children and his greaving wife The Bargast just stared the man deep in the eyes And said "This World has heard enough of your lies" "your children despise you they'll be glad when you go, Your wife left you three and a half years ago, You have all the appeal of a three week dead Cod, And you mistress loves only the size of your wad. "There's none that will mourn you I bid you farewell You soul is now forfeit, your place is in Hell, For justice and mercy you care not one Groat" And the noble beast ripped out the Barrister's throuat So hear me you Lawyers and learn from my tale With your nose in the swill and your thumb on the scales Beware of the Bargast and his sniffling snout Or be sure that you sins will rip your throat out!
The Edge Of Heaven (Paul McMahon) Gently falls the night through my window on the world Diamonds in velvet skies shine in heaven for you As you sleep tonight starliht finds you I don't know where you are but I want to be there I need to be there You have been my inspiration You will be my rainbows end At the edge of heaven we shall stand Soft as angels wings deeper than the ocean Footprints on sacred ground side by side Side by side You have been my inspiration You will be my rainbows end At the edge of heaven we shall stand Lead me by silent waters stay by my side I can't deny this feeling it will never die This will never die You have been my inspiration You will be my rainbows end At the edge of heaven we shall stand
The Last Battle (P McMahon) My life has been a long one with many a song to sing I gave my heart, my sword & shield in the service of the King But when my soul grows weary I climb up on the hill And gaze across this land I love the place I know so well When war calls again I am sworn to answer All I ask is that when the fight is done I want to come back to the place I love I want to end my days here I want to lie back while the stars above Wash away the blood and the tears And if I should fall on the blood red field Carry my bones back home Lay me down underneath the ground of home I never feared the battle never feared the pain But now I fear to fall before I see this place again The years take their toll I grow slow and old All I ask is that when the fight is done Chorus The Saxon tide is rising The beacons light the sky And I must take up arms again to fight – perhaps to die So here on this hill I leave my soul waiting All I ask is that when my life is done Chorus
The Load 07:57
The Load (P McMahon) silence, breathing, pulse beats slow lifeblood courses, veins dilate eyes stare blindly, pupils glow cataclysm imminent you can only wait reason nods politely slips out by the back door logic reels & shakes it's head & looks away intuition sighs, it's seen this facile play before manic laughter every mad dog has it's day limbs work disjointedly, mouth slack in vacant dismay a scarcely articulate puppet, the madman at play wake look around you the walls that surround you are padded and grey, there's no glass, there's no cutlery external sensory input is zero the psyche implodes, psychic shrapnel tears holes in your mind take the strain, the power can hold back the pain ebb and flow, alone you must carry the load chasing rainbows on where god knows
The Vice 08:29
The Vice (lyrics P McMahon music C & P McMahon 1981) When the vice of sleep lies broken And the curtains of night hang torn Unbidden thoughts are awoken In the uncertain light of dawn you think you see Well it can give you the strangest feeling So gently it slips away And the friends that you once thought so near Seem to fade in the light of day Well it's always been that way And I think it's too late now It may be too late So much time has passed since then I am no longer sure just how I feel I don't know why they call time a healer When it tears your flesh apart Wipes out all your feelings Squeezes tears of blood from your heart Yes it's always been that way And I think it's too late now Yes I'm quite sure it's too late Why does time take all our lives And rip up apart it tears us apart Hardens hearts & closes minds As fetid hands choke life from life to dust I was there even in your darkest hour Fight despair only fear & hate devour I was there even in your darkest hour Fight despair only fear & hate devour
Changes In Time (C&P McMahon) Come the tide is turning Sail away to the sun for which our hearts are burning Travellers on the sea of time Call us to their home Self made child of self made gods Is leaving home Don't take the choice so lightly About the way that you should go for what you scorn and what you cast aside today you will dream about tomorrow Changes in time change the rhyme you can change the world around you changes in faith change the place that we arew going to This is your destiny Ordained so long ago To sail forgotten seas Where angels fear to go no time to sleep no time to cry no time to wonder why lead the blind and the child through the hole in the sky Don't take the choice so lightly About the way that you should go for what you scorn and what you cast aside today you will dream about tomorrow This is your destiny Ordained so long ago To sail forgotten seas Where angels fear to go Travel on to find the door Don't you know you've been here before All your life and all your dreams Washed away in the silver strean Lonely souls shun the light turn your thoughts from dreams tonight to the eye in the sky
Seven Stones 08:06
Seven Stones (Chris & Paul McMahon) Day breaks light into a dark world Stars fade I see where I am Blue skies turn to grey inside me Flying high and into the rising sun Don't wait for me any longer By tomorrow things could have changes It couldn't be the same Seven stones seven stars above you Dying in the courtyard there's one white tree Memories fading from the old world Living in a dream that's dead and gone Don't wait for me any longer I think already it's too late It couldn't be the same I'm not waiting any longer By tomorrow things could have changed It couldn't be the same
Mountain 11:35
Mountain (lyrics P McMahon music P Chisnell, C & P McMahon 1984) High touching everything Light guild the eagles wing Touching the moments reflecting the light Reaching the fountain reeling in the height Hide in the shadew of a mountain Core eroding marrow to bone The seeds of silence are sown Living behind breezes cooling in fie Rising to capture the flames of desire Light in the shape of a mountain Flash revealing tendon & bone Betraying framework of stone Leaving behind in the stone of the pyre Picture portrayed in the heart of the fire Fly down the face of of a mountain Light replacing muscle & bone Behold the blood of the stone High seeing everything Might sear the granite ring The mountain rises in fire
The Night 06:58
The Night (P McMahon 1979) Well there was never a moment when I believed that I was alone Though I never knew I could be so sure That when my mind was troubled I could call on you Never doubting you would help me How could I be so wrong? Why did I trust you? I placed all my hopes on you to be let down again But now now I see you were never there at all You see that I I could never doubt you But I can live without you I'm sure I can You see that I never needed you that was just a phase I was going through believe me All this time and nothing left to show But self deluding dreams than never grow Acid thoughts bite deep into my pain Ice cold fear drives bitterness insane I see now what I must do I guess I always knew And now now that all is said and done I never really cared You see that I I knew it all along But I took that pain and I was strong but not enough I can face the night but when that darkness leaves I just can't bear to face the dawn alone not alone
Last Orders 05:23
Last Orders (lyrics P McMahon music P McMahon 1986) As the lights go out in England Gentle breeze blows through the trees Sighing in a voice like winter Last Orders please Last Orders please


Released as a companion to the in that branch of the lake DVD of our concert at Lofficina della musica, Lecco 9th April 2010. The sound quality is somewhat bootleg-like as it was taken from one of the cameras, due to a desk feed not being available. We recommend the DVD of the show, available from www.gabadon.co.uk/merch.html


released April 9, 2010

Paul Chisnell - drums & vocals
Chris McMahon -bass, keyboards & vocals
Paul McMahon - guitars & lead vocals
Ceri Ashton - flute


all rights reserved



Haze Sheffield, UK

Sheffield progressive rockers Haze celebrated 40 years of making music with two anniversary shows in 2018. Both shows were recorded for CD & DVD release.
The bands first studio CD of new material since 2013 'Back To The Bones' will be released on CD & digital download on 4th July 2020
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