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10th anniversary show

by Haze

intro 00:54
Don't Leave Me Here time was when you were on my side giving me strength to fight the tide the tide has turned, I'm sinking down don't turn away, I need you now don't leave me here strange to think of how it might have been taking the chances with every scene the lights go up, the curtain falls what I need now is your applause don't leave me here lightning strikes, thunder rolls lacking the credence to ride the storm one more flash will blind me take my hand and guide me don't leave me here
Autumn 06:27
Autumn (lyrics P McMahon music C & P McMahon 1986) Well I can still remember how it used to be When you were here with me And even after all these years I still feel the pain Cos I know I won't see you again Most of the time you'll find me here At my table by the door I don't know what I come here for Landlord, Landlord, Landlord fill the flowing bowl Until it runs over In these Autumn years why must I be alone I would never have left you Just one more question to ask before I break down & cry Why did you have to die?
The Ceiling's Coming Down (lyrics P McMahon music P Chisnell, C & P McMahon 1983) It's friday night & I just got paid a fiver or two Two excuses to celebrate by suinking a feww Propping the bar up in the Gropers Arms talking too loud Vision blearing speech centre's gone the rooms spinning round I get the feeling the ceiling's coming down it's spinning & reeling above my head I get the feeling something's falling on my head Down to the nightclub for a handful more the beers warm & flat There's not much strength to take your legs away in the water of gnats The morning after the night before I wish I was dead Mouth like the floor of a parrots cage theres carrots diced on my bed
The Red Room 06:29
The Red Room (Paul McMahon) 1987 By the light of reason, all the world seems clear, what do we have left to fear And in the eyes of science, each obeys the rules, those who doubt are worse than fools Nightmare vision the language of dreams, heeds no law Oh in the dead of the night you never know what will grow Dead eyed spectres remorseless and cold, walk the room Here in silence they watch through the dark windows of the soul We live by our assumptions, some of them are true, but most of them we never prove The guiding force of interlect, gave us all it knew, but it only asks the questions it gives answers to Older instincts have gone underground, undisturbed How can you deny what you don't even know is here In the Red Room we see what we are, and what we were Here in subconscious refuge we dance to the pulse of fear, the pulse of fear We are the nightmares you can't escape, we are your childhood fears you've locked away We are the dark thoughts left unspoken We are behind that door you fear to open To the Red Room To the Red Room Here in the Red Room, we feed on hate Here in the Red Room, we wait, we wait We wait
For Whom 06:15
For Whom (lyrics P McMahon music P McMahon 1983) Maybe I've been wroing But I wish I could see you now And though it seems so long ago I need you still I've never been a slave to truth but I meant every word I said Every move I made I made for you If you need a friend You'llalways find mew here I'll stay by you until the end I love you still And we'll watch the years go by I'll be right here by your side We can turn the tide We can turn the tide I know that I've been wrong But I wish I could touch you now I know I let some chances slip Give me just one more I never gave a damn for truth but They cannot hurt you now Don't let them hurt you now And we'll watch the years go by I'll be right here by your side I meant every word I said Evey move I made I made for you
Fading Away 03:57
Fading Away (lyrics P McMahon music P McMahon 1986) Take it from me there's no way out of here Honest to God there's no escape Do what you will to keep your conscience clear Drown your confusion in the Grape We are the children in the maze lost in the haze Living in hope of brighter days fading away Flogging a dark horse down a dead end street Haunted by spectres of defeat Why break your heart fighting the stream Just take the easy way you know what I mean Just turn around & go with the flow And if it drags you down that's the way it goes One little drink can bring us sweet release Pass me that bottle if you please
The Vice 10:11
The Vice (lyrics P McMahon music C & P McMahon 1981) When the vice of sleep lies broken And the curtains of night hang torn Unbidden thoughts are awoken In the uncertain light of dawn you think you see Well it can give you the strangest feeling So gently it slips away And the friends that you once thought so near Seem to fade in the light of day Well it's always been that way And I think it's too late now It may be too late So much time has passed since then I am no longer sure just how I feel I don't know why they call time a healer When it tears your flesh apart Wipes out all your feelings Squeezes tears of blood from your heart Yes it's always been that way And I think it's too late now Yes I'm quite sure it's too late Why does time take all our lives And rip up apart it tears us apart Heardens hearts & closes minds As foetid hands choke life from life to dust I was there even in your darkest hour Fight despair only fear & hate devour I was there even in your darkest hour Fight despair only fear & hate devour
In The Light 02:46
In The Light (Paul McMahon) You rise to greet the day With the night far behind In some mysterious way You're not all alone Trapped behind these walls But inside you're free To wander ancient halls Forever turning keys You spoke of your dreams once But so long ago Is it too late now Will they never grow How long have you been here Shut away from light When will it be clear That your way is right You spoke of your dreams once Your dreams were so old But now in the light of this new day The blade is so cold
See Her Face 03:37
See Her Face (lyrics P McMahon music P McMahon 1986) She knows she has the strength of illusion She will never concede the game Face to fac e revealing only what she wants to show She shines, like the sun on a window pane She needs no hiding place, see her face She waits, alone in a web of seclusion One eye stares at the falling rain He will come, to burn his wings before the lighted flame She smiles, cold as frost on the crystal pane She needs no hiding place, see her face She moves, he follows as lamb to the slaughter Dancing only at her command In the end, his eyes shall see her as she is and then Her hand cuts the string and the puppet dies
The Ember 04:45
The Ember (lyrics P McMahon music C & P McMahon 1984) How far down can you go? How much does it show? Losing faith in the game nothing fits the same Total breakdown final closedown Three stand stark on the stage One night standing pain unending Til the end of the age Passing, leaving behind, children of the blind Lifeblood, red rivers flow, the ember can still glow So many things have ended, so many race run That when the night comes down again Who the hell has won? Hold on, nothing is real, don't heed what you feel Don't cry, we must be strong, nothing last for long
Another Country (Chris & Paul McMahon) The red lines hit the headlines the cover is blown The stranger grace and danger we fear the unknown Truth and slander propaganda the smoke without flame Mutation alienation the difference is plain No no never in a million years No not in this world You have a fine way of living You have a nice way of putting me down But when it comes to forgiving - you don't This is another country This is my home I wouldn't change it Over the border lies the promised land Religion television the tools and the trade Discloses blood and roses the land we have made Divisions politicians scoring points in the game Two nations for generations we were never the same No no never in a million years No not in this world 'Cos when it comes to forgiving - you don't This is another country This is my home I wouldn't change it Over the border lies the promised land This is another country This is my home I wouldn't change it This is the country that I understand
The Load 08:20
The Load (P McMahon) silence, breathing, pulse beats slow lifeblood courses, veins dilate eyes stare blindly, pupils glow cataclysm imminent you can only wait reason nods politely slips out by the back door logic reels & shakes it's head & looks away intuition sighs, it's seen this facile play before manic laughter every mad dog has it's day limbs work disjointedly, mouth slack in vacant dismay a scarcely articulate puppet, the madman at play wake look around you the walls that surround you are padded and grey, there's no glass, there's no cutlery external sensory input is zero the psyche implodes, psychic shrapnel tears holes in your mind take the strain, the power can hold back the pain ebb and flow, alone you must carry the load chasing rainbows on where god knows
Wooden House 05:24
Fallen Leaves (by Paul Chisnell, Paul McMahon, Chris McMahon & Rob Heeley) Leaves long since fallen have been blown into the roadside Their veins bleached a blatant silver against the reds and golds of autumn By winter's frosty hand Fallen Leaves The warm room beckons shuttered windows blazing fires Forlorn we shelter against the late of glowring gales Laughing in glee as it hesitates and destroys the delicate web Woven by the summers evening in my head Fallen Leaves A glass of cider sitting on the warm earth Dust of countless feet treading on towards the autumn Where the leaves have long since fallen Fallen Leaves
Mountain 10:24
Mountain (lyrics P McMahon music P Chisnell, C & P McMahon 1984) High touching everything Light guild the eagles wing Touching the moments reflecting the light Reaching the fountain reeling in the height Hide in the shadew of a mountain Core eroding marrow to bone The seeds of silence are sown Living behind breezes cooling in fie Rising to capture the flames of desire Light in the shape of a mountain Flash revealing tendon & bone Betraying framework of stone Leaving behind in the stone of the pyre Picture portrayed in the heart of the fire Fly down the face of of a mountain Light replacing muscle & bone Behold the blood of the stone High seeing everything Might sear the granite ring The mountain rises in fire
The Hum 05:02
The Hum (lyrics P Chisnell, music P Chisnell, C & P McMahon 1983) Up and down the street the lights go on says Ethel to Joe "can you hear the hum" "oh go to sleep" "oh go to sleep" But the hum got worse & sleep got less Soon poor old Joe couldn't dream of Tess Trouble was near Trouble was near The cause they found was underground Ethel dashed indoors to phone the town "moles are at war" "moles are at war" In recessed dim blind panic reigned As moles brown and black fought a battle of hue How do they know who is who? How do they know who is who? Now all their troubles are soon to pass As the man from the town brought out his gas Now we can all get some sleep Now we can all get some sleep
The Night 09:01
The Night (P McMahon 1979) Well there was never a moment when I believed that I was alone Though I never knew I could be so sure That when my mind was troubled I could call on you Never doubting you would help me How could I be so wrong? Why did I trust you? I placed all my hopes on you to be let down again But now now I see you were never there at all You see that I I could never doubt you But I can live without you I'm sure I can You see that I never needed you that was just a phase I was going through believe me All this time and nothing left to show But self deluding dreams than never grow Acid thoughts bite deep into my pain Ice cold fear drives bitterness insane I see now what I must do I guess I always knew And now now that all is said and done I never really cared You see that I I knew it all along But I took that pain and I was strong but not enough I can face the night but when that darkness leaves I just can't bear to face the dawn alone not alone
Cocaine 06:01
Stone House 06:59
Stone House (lyrics P McMahon music P McMahon 1987) Line by line we build our scriptures With the power of words shining in our hands It's our story it's our story we live It's our story it's our story we live Stone by stone we lay foundations With the strength of faith the rock on which we build It's a labour it's a labour of love It's a labour it's a labour of love In the arms of the tallest mountain high above the shifting sand In the world we build together this house of stone shall stand Day by day we pull together With the fires of hope burning in our eyes It's the future it's the future we make It's the future it's the future we make In the eyes of a thousand children in the voices of the crowd By the light that fills the heavens this house of stone shall stand
Last Orders (lyrics P McMahon music P McMahon 1986) As the lights go out in England Gentle breeze blows through the trees Sighing in a voice like winter Last Orders please Last Orders please


Recorded live from the sound desk at our 10th anniversary farewell concert at Sheffield University on 29th May 1988. Originally released as a fan club only double cassette


released June 20, 2018

Paul Chisnell - percussion, vocals
Paul McMahon - vocals, guitar, bass, guitar synth, acoustic guitar
Chris McMahon - bass, bass pedals, keyboards, vocals


all rights reserved



Haze Sheffield, UK

Sheffield progressive rockers Haze celebrated 40 years of making music with two anniversary shows in 2018. Both shows were recorded for CD & DVD release.
The bands first studio CD of new material since 2013 'Back To The Bones' will be released on CD & digital download on 4th July 2020
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